Wedding planning can be extremely stressful and time-consuming but it doesn’t essentially have to be!! With these effective tips, you can create a schedule that’s easy to follow and be certain that you have all the help you might need to ensure a memorable wedding. No matter the nature of your upcoming event stick to our carefully structured event planning tips. If you follow these tips systematically, you’ll manage to replicate your envisioned event. The ideas in your subconscious mind turn to reality and you can watch your vision come to life. Here is our pick for a complete guide to planning a beautiful event.

Start Planning Yesterday

Unless there’s a wedding that demands a short notice execution, start planning yesterday. As soon as you start to pen down your initial visions and ideas for the Wedding, your planning schedule can initiate smoothly. You want to make your wedding memorable for those around you and yourself, and for that, hastening is a total waste. Trust the process, and give yourself ample time to function accordingly. No good ever came from overburdening your shoulders and rushing things. The ideal time required to plan a wedding is approximately 4-6 months.

Research Is The Answer To Everything

Utilize the first few days to conduct thorough research for the type of wedding you wish to host. Looking at the past Weddings of the previous year, ask yourself :

A fairly detailed critical analysis of the Weddings that took place in the past is an obvious initial step. People seldom miss it or get bored in the middle of this analysis period, so they skip it. This is a big mistake on their part and they later complain when the main wedding goes dull. You can also consider looking at a few grand weddings and do some research on how to take some of the biggest ideas or the tiny details and turn them into something new for your wedding. This will not only be an exclusive opportunity for guests, but also an opportunity to explore the limit of your creativity. The common phrase regarding this does state, “The sky is the limit”, so why not take full advantage of it in its entirety?

Create A Schedule And Stick To It

Setting deadlines are more effective than to-do lists. Set appropriate deadlines and plan schedules that state when some decisions need to be made and when certain jobs demand completion. This will keep you active and help you to get things done beforehand.

Specify Your Goal For The Wedding

One of the most important tips for planning a wedding is to set a specific goal. This will help you to stay focused on the details throughout the entire stage of planning. Venue choices, themes, decor, sponsors for a business conference or seminar everything falls into the planning category.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

A very useful tip is to gather some people and form a team. If you try to do it all alone, the experience itself will be overwhelming and stressful. Two contradictory phrases can complement this tip; “The more, the merrier” and “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. It all depends on the people you’re working with. A devoted hard-working team will ensure by any means necessary that they help you execute a perfect Wedding. Such precise excellence speaks for itself.

To ensure maximum results, check in with your team. This ensures that everything is on track and helps you to avoid any problems later. It can be done without having to micromanage everything.

Stick To Your Budget

When it comes to spending the budget, be strict with yourself. Utilize a planning journal that is designed for record-keeping. After completing this document, share it with other Wedding managers to confirm that everyone responsible for expenditures understands the overall budget.

Choose The Perfect Venue

Choosing a venue is one of the major decisions you make during the initial wedding planning phase. The venue should be booked in advance, after careful research. Once you’ve been through your options, it’s always recommended to compare the pros and cons of the possible venues.

Set A Theme

There are multiple themes when it comes to weddings. The theme could be contemporary / traditional / natural / rustic / vintage even classic romantic. For contemporary weddings, crisp and minimalistic are the basic requirements. Simplicity and elegance go hand-in-hand when discussing a minimalistic approach.

Traditional themed wedding decor brings forth a sense of history and legacy and lets the couple’s relationship speak for itself. The theme is fancy with a dash of elegance sprinkled over it like confetti.

Outdoor weddings are all the rage these days. A natural bohemian vibe circulates in the atmosphere where you can hear the birds chirping in the background while someone is delivering their wedding vows.

For a homely feel, rustic decor can make any wedding celebration. This kind of arrangement can be made both indoors and outdoors, allowing your personality to stand out.

A couple with an old soul mindset will appreciate the details of a vintage-themed decor more than anything in the World. A vintage-themed wedding is aesthetically pleasing and very nostalgic.

A venue with romantic decor intensifies the love that is being celebrated for joining in holy matrimony. Dim, sparkling lights and draped flowers give you the fairytale wedding you had always dreamt of.

What To Look For In Decor

Many things can be used as decor for any event. If well put together, even strings can be presented as fancy decor. The most important thing to do after the venue and theme have been finalized is to decide how you want the decorations to be for the big event. Lighting, flowers, paper lights, drapery, chandeliers, ribbons, balloons, and lighted topiary can be used for decoration among many other crafty things. Lighting, as everyone knows is very important for any event, pictures can be preserved in their true essence without having to edit them much. Of course, everyone wants to see the detailed thin embroidery on the bride’s wedding dress and the lighting plays an important role in this. The light reflects off of the bride’s dress creating a spectrum on its own. Flowers can be used in many ways. You can have them falling off the roof on the bride’s entry to make it look dreamy. You can style bouquets in any desired shape. Garlands, bracelets, tiaras, whatever you can think of, are doable with flowers. Paper lights can be used to make any tint according to the color theme of the event. Marquee hall provides all of the abovementioned services and more.

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