Whether it’s a gazebo or a marquee, pop-up tents have become all the rage, and for the right reasons. Any type of event can be held at a Marquee hall. The marquee industry has grown vastly over the past few years. Originally, wedding receptions were held at outdoor venues. Now, all types of events and gatherings are held outdoors. It has become evident that people have built misconceptions about Marquees. We are here to ease this burden off your shoulders. Keep reading to differentiate between myths and truths regarding Marquee venues.

Marquees Are Only Suitable For Summer Season – Myth

When you think of a Marquee event, your mind subconsciously paints a picture of a windy outdoor venue. This paves a way for the misconception that Marquees are only for summer. With some indoor heating, you can easily host an event outdoors because they are suitable all year round. In a summer event, you can have the sides up and enjoy the natural fresh breeze in its entirety. In winter, you can close the sides and set up an internal heating system to ensure warmth and comfort. Good flooring plays an important role in setting the ambiance of an outdoor event. With the right flooring, you can create the sense of bringing the outside, indoors, and vice versa. This way, as the evening progresses, everyone will feel snug and comfortable. So, keep the coffee coming and enjoy your special occasion without any barriers created by the weather.

Outdoor Venues Are Not Worth Investing In – Myth

A majority of people can’t differentiate between local vendor quality materials and Marquee Event Center materials. Local vendors tend to entrap consumers and provide services that are cheaper in price and quality as well. This makes the equipment faulty and hence, may ruin an event. Due to one bad experience with a local vendor, people lose faith in Marquee halls altogether. Marquee Event Center Houston provides nothing less than perfect, whether its services or materials. You don’t invest in a Marquee hall every day, so it is best to pay for its worth and quality.

Custom Printed Gazebos Take Time – Truth

It is a universally known fact that good things take time. It is pretty obvious that if you are having a Marquee built from scratch, it can not be made overnight. To top that, a customized pop-up tent will be designed, sewn, and tested out before being delivered to the customer. The expected time of delivery for a customized tent is anywhere from 5-10 days. The time frame may vary depending on the location of delivery.

Gazebo, Marquee Hall, Tent & Canopy Are The Same Thing – Myth

These terms are not synonymous with each other, on the contrary, they are completely different things. A Gazebo is an outdoor mini fortress-like structure where an intimate gathering can be held. It can also be called a mini Marquee hall. When an outdoor venue is chosen for a wedding reception, mostly the couple exchanges their wedding vows in a gazebo. An entire ceremony can be held in a gazebo Marquee if the number of guests is countable at your fingertips.

A Marquee is a large tent-like cover to provide shade in the outdoors. They are available in all shapes and sizes. When pole tents and frame tents are combined, they form a hybrid called ‘Marquee’.

A canopy is a waterproof and sustainable heat-resistant fabric used to cover a tent. It can fit on top of a large marquee and a mini pop-up gazebo as well. An entire tent can also be made of a canopy, it will just be held together by poles.

Marquees Are Very Expensive – Myth

A Marquee hall can be decorated exactly as per your requirements. It can also be set up at a location of your choice. Considering this, it goes without saying that your event will be completely different from any other event. They provide you with the best services which are worth every penny, you are not being overcharged at all. You may have to check in a few times but that is just to ensure maximum satisfaction on your part.

Uneven Terrain is Unsuitable – Truth

This statement is factually correct because the instability in the ground can make multiple things difficult and uncomfortable. Picture this, a bride walking down the aisle and she falls over because of the uneven ground. Talk about a memorable day for the guests.

Although, there is a solution to this foreseen problem. The natural texture of the ground can not be changed, but it can be elevated by leveling it out.

They Are Not Weather Resistant – Myth

This is a very common misconception regarding outdoor venues, that they are not weather resistant. The strong frames and weather-resistant materials of a Marquee hall help in withstanding all types of weather. There are various safety guidelines that need to be followed per se. To some extent, weather resistance can be achieved in outdoor venues. The limits of resistance may vary depending on the extremity of the weather conditions. The management team specifically focuses on weather predictions. If the weather projects uncertainty or uncontrollable circumstances overall, the event may be postponed for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Still unsure about choosing a Marquee hall? Marquee Event Center Houston provides all kinds of services you can think of when it comes to hosting an event. They have over 15 years of experience in the field of hospitality, catering, and the event industry. They execute your dream event better than you might have originally anticipated. If you want to host an event at a banquet hall, they can make it happen. If you want an outdoor venue for your event, their highly trained team of professionals can do that as well. Their unmatched services make it hard for you to forget about the experience you had with them. Whether you are a host or a guest, they ensure you have a memorable event experience by any means necessary.

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