If you want to have a memorable experience for an upcoming event, Marquee halls are a perfect option. Marquees were solely designed to cater to your customized requirements in terms of arrangement and design. You can customize any kind of theme or brand as per your desires and requirements.  The possibilities are limitless when it comes to the types of events you can host at a Marquee. Here is a list of the types of events to hold at a Marquee.

Wedding Reception

How would it feel if you could exchange your wedding vows out in the open while having the fresh breeze brush against your cheek? The mere thought of it is phenomenal, as it is being pulled out of a poetic-romantic novel. You can gaze at the glass-like ceiling and peek at the stars when nightfall begins.

Weddings held at Marquees are truly memorable for the happy couple as well as the guests. A wedding reception held during the daytime is equally as beautiful as a night reception. The beautiful colors of nature are seen everywhere, from the windows as well as the ceiling. Daytime photography adds to the beauty of everything by displaying a variety of color hues, mesmerizingly.

The lack of guest limitations is also a plus point when it comes to choosing a Marquee for your reception.

Corporate Events

If you want to celebrate a formal event to celebrate a milestone, a Marquee is the perfect choice of venue. Unlike hotel curfews, you can party all night if you want. Marquee halls can also be set up with a kid’s zone. The employees who are family men can have a separate area for their children. This way, everyone gets to have a great time, while enjoying the celebration properly.

Birthday Celebrations

Intimate events like birthdays are more enjoyable when spent with people in your close-knit circle. A Marquee Banquet Hall is like a blank canvas, on it you can scribble and dab however you please. Everything including design, decor, and additional activities is in your hands entirely. You can set up a marquee hall in any way you like. An outdoor live barbecue is one of the most suitable choices on the menu for an intimate gathering like a birthday.

Sport Events

Marquee Halls is a renowned choice for providing shade during bright, sunny days. Tennis, baseball, badminton, basketball, volleyball, cricket, and other indoor activities are generally held at a Marquee Banquet Hall. The spacious environment calls for a fun adventurous gathering. Athletic events are held at Marquee halls so that everyone including the players can play without worrying about a heatstroke.

Music Festivals

Concerts are one of the most favorite past-times for many people. It can also be considered a summer highlight. Music events also have mini marquees. Food stalls, booths, and backstage resting areas are some of the ways a mini marquee can be utilized. Marquee Halls protect everyone from outdoor elements including rain and mosquitoes etc.

Bridal Showers/Baby Showers

Know someone who’s tying the knot or someone who is having a baby anytime soon? Surprise your loved ones by throwing a shower for them. You can host this intimate event at a Marquee Banquet Hall and set up cute photo booths which complement your theme. An inner circle gathering like this calls for a personal and minimal celebration. Both these events are special in their amazing way and they need to be celebrated. You can have a minimal gathering with close friends and family, set the theme accordingly, and rejoice.

You can even host a gender reveal party for someone who’s expecting a baby. The baby products can be used as items for decor. Nowadays, countless adorable props can be used to display this theme perfectly.

A Marquee Banquet Hall is adaptable as per your requirements. No matter how long the list of your requirements is, A Marquee can fulfill everything, that too, within your budget. You do not have to worry about working with existing designs. You can mix two themes and create something innovative and unique per se. Has your vision come to life with a Marquee Banquet Hall? They are now available in multiple shapes, sizes, and colors. You can customize every single thing for any type of event you’re planning. You can have a tent-like structure that covers the top and opens windows to let the fresh breeze in. You can also opt for a fully closed glass-like structure to have the outdoors inside. This means that you can see everything around you from all directions and still be indoors.

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