Whether there is a wedding or a formal event that requires planning, choosing a venue is the most difficult decision. It is very important to ensure that everyone attending has a good time. If you’re being indecisive about whether to choose a traditional banquet hall or a modern marquee hall. Here is a side-by-side comparison chart for making things easier for you.

Choose The Venue

If you choose to host an event at a banquet hall, there are certain things that you need to still ensure and stress over. The food, parking, ambiance, decor, surroundings, etc. If you wish to save yourself some trouble stressing over these factors, you can choose a marquee hall. This way you get to choose your venue. All that is left to look for is a bit of space. You can even host an event at your own home, but if the space isn’t adequate, there are other options.  Nowadays, Field Marquee sites are all the rage, and some of them are located at great locations. Field Marquees can also be moved to a location deemed more memorable for you. This could be held anywhere, even at the holiday house where you spent your childhood.

Own The Design

Banquet Halls offer a limited range of decor, any other requirements you have are going to cost you extra. At a Marquee Hall, you get to be involved in having the decor match the vibe of the event. The decor turns out exactly as you had envisioned, making the best of the event as well as the location.

The Unique Element

Someone you know held an event at a banquet hall and you were suggested to hold your upcoming event there. Twinning is common among friends and siblings if you’re close. The same interior, with a slightly different decor. Why settle for this when you can have a unique customized marquee hall which is never the same. Even if an event is held later that day or the next morning at the same location, everything will be entirely different. You can compare pictures of events held at the same marquee hall and be amazed at the uniqueness of both events.

Bring The View Inside

Marquee Halls let you stay in touch with the locality while being, apparently, indoors. Banquet Halls have a walled structure, closed everywhere except for maybe one or two openings to enter/exit the premises. Marquees let you bring the view inside because of the transparent ceilings and walls. You can enjoy the view all day long and perhaps even watch the sunset.

Make Use Of The Blank Canvas

One of the most important benefits of choosing a Marquee is that you get to create your theme from scratch. A Marquee is your blank canvas which can be explored and designed any way you please. You can choose any theme you want, and even mix the themes to create something unique. Explore the endless limitations of your creativity.

Lesser Limitations

A Marquee has fewer restrictions when it comes to the number of guests. You need to ensure the space which can accommodate everyone properly. The usage of said space is entirely up to you. You can utilize the space however you desire. You can increase or decrease the guest list without worrying about any restrictions.

Meet The Budget

No matter what the nature of your event is, Marquee halls are budget-friendly. Each decision is completely yours, including the venue, catering services, decor, menu, and even the florist. Local businesses have suppliers for everything that fits into all budgets.

Choose Food According To Your Mood

Selecting and choosing your caterer means choosing exactly what you need. Research is highly recommended before delivering a check. Many event caterers collaborate with the top food producers. The caterers provide high-quality food to the recipients which fits everyone’s budget.

No Time Limit

If you host an event at a Marquee Hall, you are your boss. So, make sure you have a fully charged sound system and keep the party going. You get to choose when the event ends. There are no restrictions or limitations in anything, especially none when it comes to time.

Traditional Banquet Halls have their own place in the World, people still prefer them over Marquees. Their go-to approach for everything in life is traditional, which is a very good thing. Keeping traditions alive is an essential aspect of each individual’s paradigm.

Marquee Banquet & Event Center is a full-service business that is determined to project several qualities of a successful event. The qualities of a successful event go far beyond food and location.

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