A quinceanera is an event that is mostly celebrated among Latinos. This event is a celebration of a girl entering into women hood by turning 15. This marks the main milestone in a girl’s life. That is because quinceanera symbolizes the tradition of showcasing a girl’s purity and willingness for marriage. However, this event is not only celebrated among Latinos only but also among Americans.

When planning a quinceanera a lot of things are considered. The preparations for it are no less than planning a wedding. Starting from choosing an outfit that fits your personality to decorating the hall, guest list etc. If you’re confused about how to plan perfect decorations for quinceanera halls then don’t worry this article got you all covered.

There are many Quinceanera Halls in Houston TX which are good enough to cater for all sizes of the guest list. These halls are taking COVID-19 precautions as well.

Choosing a colour scheme or theme is the easiest way to start off with the decorations. You can choose your favourite theme or colour for the event.

  1. Mexican colour scheme. In this, the colours of the flag present different symbols. Like green represents independence and white represents purity. So this scheme presents what a woman will be in the future, independent and pure.
  2. Fiesta colour scheme is also a good theme to go with. The red and yellow colour symbolizes fiesta. Miss quince can stand out while wearing shades of red and yellow at her event.
  3. Royalty colour scheme presents catholic faith. Purple colour presents faith and royalty in many regions. Pairing purple with gold is a good combination. This combination will send a message to guests that this woman will lead a faithful life.
  4. Sophisticated colour scheme, black presents sophistication. Whereas, white presents purity. You can decorate the entire quinceanera hall in black and white. The hostess can wear a bright colour to stand out. You can also go for an all-white theme keeping the theme pure. Guests and hosts wear white outfits with white decorations in the hall. Or you can go for all black. Giving a vibe of sophistication and elegance. Use a variety of textures to keep the decoration visually appealing.
  5. Princess colour scheme. You can choose tones of pinks and purples. Pair them with gold. This will present young blossoming women.
  6. Ombre colour scheme. This colour theme is different and beautiful. You can infuse two colours together in one dress or decorations elegantly. For example ice blue and baby pink. For decorations, you can keep the darker shades near the floor and when your eyes move up, add lighter shades into decorations.

Table decoration for quinceanera makes use of party decorations with shine. There is a quinceanera ring dedicated to the hostess. You can use flowers, art, and quinceanera cake. The center pieces of table decoration need to be incorporated with the idea behind quinceanera. For example, the theme, colour scheme and concept of a child growing into a woman.

  1. Place a golden crown in the middle of the table. Hang a princess tiara from the bottom of the crown using thread. Showing transition from princess to queen.
  2. Place an all flower wrapped open birdcage to indicate independence the girl will be getting.
  3. Add gems in a wine glass and top it off with flowers. Place a mini crown on it.
  4. Place an elegant high heel in the center of the table. From that, flowers are coming out.
  5. The main table needs to stand out from the other tables in the hall. That is because this is the table where the girl will be sitting. It should highlight Miss Quince. This table and chair are like a throne to her.
  6. Make number 15 of real or silk flowers and hang them right behind the table. The flowers should be of the colour chosen for the theme.
  7. Use exquisite decorations like peacock folded napkins or flower folded napkins.
  8. Use gold colour glasses, plates and spoons to add a touch of elegance.
  9. Place a doll in the center of the table to show the transition of child to womanhood.
  10. A well three-tiered cake. Using a colour scheme. The cake needs to be sophisticated and classy, not childish. The three-tiered cake can show the transition from childhood to womanhood by using such a colour scheme. For example, starting from bright colours like shocking pink and red but infusing into powder pink and white as it comes onto the top.

It’s not possible to not take photos at any event. Photos are a good way of keeping a memory. So, make sure to have a good and lively photo booth on your quinceanera. Choose the background which makes everyone stand out when taking a photo.

  1. Set up three doors, one presents the past, the other presents the current and the last one presents the future.
  2. Build a nice and lively flower background.
  3. Neon light name of the girl in the background.
  4. Use an all-black background, poke holes into it and put fairy lights. Gives the effect of a starry night sky.
  5. Place two photo backdrops and make it look like an open book. Decorate it and make it look like a fairy tale book.
  6. Use paper props to hold pictures, like crown, lips, glasses, and moustache.

Decorate your arch differently. You can use many ideas for this. Instagram and Pinterest are the best sites to look for such ideas.

  1. You can cover your arch with flowers.
  2. You can cover your arch with the same or different colour balloons. Depending on the theme you’ve chosen.
  3. Wrap the arch with all silver or gold shiny paper. Then place a diamond-cut prop on the top. Making it look like a ring.
  4. You can also use giant tissue flowers for an arch.
  5. You can also use tie strips of different colour fabric and put them on an arch. Make it look like a piñata.
  6. You can also use fairy lights all over the arch. Incorporated with some greenery hanging down from it.
  7. You can also cover the arch in one decent colour. Depending on what theme you’ve chosen. For example all black coloured arch and hang the pictures of the girl from different ages. Showing transition of childhood to womanhood.

Houston quinceanera halls accommodate all types of arrangements.

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