A marquee is the ideal blank canvas for your wedding décor; here are ten suggestions for making your marquee stand out. This is a complete guide for the decoration ideas at Marquee Banquet Hall.


All Marquee Banquet Hall should have captivating lighting that transforms the room as the evening progresses. Festoon lighting is preferred because it can easily be managed to drape overhead for a lovely canopy look or intertwined around the wooden beams of a tipi for a storybook finish. LED birdcage lanterns and carnival LOVE or MR & MRS signs positioned around the marquee or dancefloor will add to the lit effect while providing stunning backdrops for wedding images.


Colorful bunting is a quick and easy method to add interest to your Marquee Banquet Hall setting for summertime events and rural weddings. Bunting is a great DIY project and a great way to use your color scheme; use a combination of block colors and/or prints to break up the color sequence.

Florals and Foliage Décor

Floral arrangements that compliment your bouquet will bring the beauty of the outside inside. Flowers can be used in a variety of ways, from table centerpieces to suspended structures. A floral ceiling or wall, if your budget allows it, will lend a touch of luxury to the proceedings. Request show-stopping ceiling centerpieces and succulents as table additions if you want to keep the greenery motif going throughout the marquee.

Tint Décor

How about a color scheme that incorporates Indian, Moroccan, and/or Scottish influences? “When decorating a Marquee Banquet Hall for a fusion trend, using a lot of colors is crucial,” Lindsey of getting Knotted explains. Put colorful flowers (roses, Callistephus, carnations, gerbera, delphiniums, chrysanths, snapdragons, and dahlias) in terracotta pots, brass candlesticks, and colored jeweled Moroccan glasses with tealights on the table for a dynamic effect.”

“Finish the display by adding fresh autumn fruits and berries, such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, artichokes, grapes, and figs, which will add a lovely aroma and complement the vibrant motif.” Hang colorful Indian and plain paper parasols from the ceiling to complete the look.”

Paper Lights and Pom Poms

When guests enter your Marquee Banquet Hall, paper lanterns are a cost-effective method to create a wow factor. Consider your general color palette and how to incorporate it into your overhead layout once more. To create a dynamic display, use a variety of colors and sizes.

Similarly, paper pom poms are a brilliant design element that is also entertaining. These are simple to make at home.

Soft Voile, Cummerbunds, and Drapery

Ethereal materials in subtle tones that complement the Marquee Banquet Hall color and your overall concept can create a lovely look. Drape over the marquee lining on the ceiling and at the entry, and consider fairy lighting below for a show-stopping finale and enchanting glow at night.


The possibilities for wedding decor are almost limitless. You may mix and match so many design concepts to get at the perfect aesthetic when it comes to choosing your altar style, escort card display, and all of the components of your table arrangements. However, one aspect of wedding décor sometimes does not get attention. How to spruce up a drab tent’s ceiling or bring more light into a room.

Chandeliers are a timeless accent. That event planners use to enhance your wedding décor in a wide range of settings. In this guide, we tried to cover wide aspects of decorations. Whether you’re trying to dress up a chandelier that your venue already contains. Or you want to light up an outdoor nighttime celebration. For instance, you want to incorporate chandeliers into your ceremony in a new way.

If your marquee is centered on a focal point. A spectacular chandelier will bring even more attention to your décor.

Hoops and Ribbons

Hoops of all shapes and sizes are fantastic for wedding backgrounds and hanging décor. Cover them in tulle or lace, greenery, and flowers of your choice, and hang them on the walls or above the reception or at the ceremony location. It is entirely up to you and your wedding style to choose the color of flowers and cloth. You can also use the hoops to display your family or engagement images. This type of decor will appear lovely, one-of-a-kind, boho-inspired, and adorable, plus you can make all of the hoops yourself.

It will be breathtaking to see a central hoop or several dangling in the air. For a May Day vibe that echoes the seasonal change from spring to summer, add ribbons and flowers.

Lighted Topiary

When it comes to creating a lovely ambiance within your marquee, twinkling trees are a solid favorite. Any topiary can transform into a luminous work of art with a simple set of string lights. And makes finding the ideal centerpiece for your display fun and easy. You can explore product details for hundreds of lighting topiaries on our simple, easy-to-use website, return to your previously viewed goods promptly, and purchase your fantasy tree décor using gift cards or your credit card. It’s never been easier to find the ideal piece for your house.

An outdoor Topiary Trees collection takes minimal upkeep, is simple to set up, and can completely transform any outdoor living space. Boxwoods in the garden look fantastic near pools and picnic places. Combine them with outdoor rugs, lights, and decorations to create a welcoming outdoor living room where you can relax and enjoy warm summer nights, or fire up the grill and invite the neighbors over for a fun block party. Choose clear lights for a brightening effect in dimly lit locations, or softer LED lights for a cozier look in patios, gazebos, pergolas, or lanais.

Décor With Balloons

Balloons are no longer simply for children’s birthday parties; with so many alternatives available, they can be just as effective when used in a tented set-up. Metallic coatings, confetti balloons, and love letters are just a few of the options available, all designed to provide a premium touch to your wedding reception.

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